What Every Golden Retriever Owner Should Know...

From the desk of
Gina Read

Dear Golden Retriever Owner,

Golden Retrievers are quick to learn and eager to please, patient, fun-loving, full of energy and easily trained. As your Golden Retriever's human companion you will undoubtledly be the center of its universe, and the chances are it will become the center of yours too. 'Golden Retrievers : Everything You Need to Know' covers everything you need to know about taking care of, maintaining and training your Golden Retriever in one handy Guide which both current and prospective Golden owners will love!

Chapter One : History of Golden Retrievers

Chapter Two : Working Golden Retrievers

Chapter Three : The British and American Golden Retriever Standard

Chapter Four : Ready to get a Golden Retriever? (includes Puppy Checklist, what papers the breeder should give you and advice on temperament and appearance)

Chapter Five : Golden Retriever Dog Development and Growth Stages

Chapter Six : Diet and Nutrition

Chapter Seven : Golden Retriever Care (Ear, Nail, Ear, Eye, Dental and Skin)

Chapter Eight : Health and Hereditary Diseases

Chapter Nine : Puppy Training (including crate training and house training)

Chapter Ten : Obedience - Teaching the Basic Commands (including Sit and Release, Down, Come, Heel, sit and stay, watch me, down and stay).

Chapter Eleven : Problem Solving and Prevention (eg. jumping at people, barking, digging)

Chapter Twelve : Teaching Tricks and Games

Chapter Thirteen : Taking care of your Older Golden Retriever

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Details about this, eating, playtime, discipline, training, and more are instantly available to help you create a warm, fun, loving, and peaceful environment between your entire family... including your canine companion.

Learn how your dog thinks AND how to work with that thought process rather than against it, and learn along with an entertaining, interesting 35 minute audio-visual presentation!

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The Dog Owners Handbook Value $9.95

Common 'how', 'what' and 'why' questions addressed on topics such as food, heart worm, fleas and other parasites, dental care, veterinary examinations, nursing a sick dog, spaying and neutering, bathing and more - an indispensible guide for all dog owners. This valuable guide will be available to you instantly in Adobe PDF format.

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Treat your best friend to some home-cooked treats (s)he's sure to enjoy with these 130 delicious recipes!

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Wishing you and your Golden years of fun and happiness.

Gina Read
A Fellow Golden Retriever Lover

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